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Welcome to J KELLEY, FIRMA DE ABOGADOS S.A.S. We are a Law Firm located in Colombia, South America. We provide legal advice and legal representation, focused on national and international business law. Our mission is to deliver efficient, transparent and ethical service to fit the needs of Colombian people or anyone who is interested in doing business in Colombia.

J KELLEY ABOGADOS has a proven domestic and international record of delivering professional services in the public and private sector through our strategic alliance with J KELLEY LAW GROUP, PLLC, an international and immigration law firm with offices in Virginia, Maryland, and  Carolina del Norte, USA.

Our team

Johanna Kelley, Esq.

Dr. Johanna Kelley is a bilingual lawyer (Spanish-English), licensed to practice law in Colombia and the United States of America. Johanna has spent more than sixteen years working in international and national law, and public policies.

La Sra. Kelley estudió leyes en Colombia y se graduó en 2001. Mientras estuvo en Colombia, practicó leyes laborales, constitucionales, administrativas, internas y de derechos humanos. Asesoró a corporaciones privadas, organizaciones locales e internacionales de derechos humanos, agencias gubernamentales, el Ejército colombiano y la comunidad de base.


He has also worked with organizations related to the Colombian political situation, human rights violations, anti-terrorism activities based on civil affairs initiatives, improving the image of Colombia and implementing innovative strategies to reduce the impact of internal conflict on civilians. In addition, Ms. Kelley prepared human rights claims to present before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Organization of American States (OAS).

In November 2013, Dr. Kelley founded a nonprofit organization whose objective was to protect and promote the rights of immigrants and social justice based on a master project that she conceived as a graduate student at the School of Public Policy of the Duke University.​

In July 2016, Ms. Kelley left the nonprofit sector to serve in the government. She began working for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) as Supervisor. It was a beautiful and tremendous experience to work at USCIS because of the opportunity to guarantee the integrity of the US immigration system. UU., Provide immigration benefits and support our National Security.

In November 2017, Ms. Kelley decided to leave the government to start her law firm.


Particular areas of experience:

• United States immigration law,

• International law,

• Latin American politics and security issues.

• International development in conflict zones.

• Nonprofit operations, and

• Projects management



Duke University

Master of Laws, LL.M, 2013, Duke Law School

Master in International Development Policy, MIDP, 2012, Sanford School of Public Policy


Jurist Doctor, 2001

Activities and affiliation

• New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), member

• American Bar Association (ABA), member

• American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), member


Admissions to the bar

• New York State, USA UU.

• Colombia, South America


Colombian lawyer, graduated from the University of Medellín, year 2010, with specialization in labor law and industrial relations of the Externado University of Colombia, year 2013.

She recently graduated in environmental law and land restitution, within the framework of the post-conflict, year 2018 and participated as an observer of the 24th Contest Inter-American Court of Human Rights organized by the Washington Collage of Law headquarters from American University, year 2019.

Much of his work experience is related to the defense of Rights Humans, on issues of land restitution and victims' law, and post-conflict policies. Also with experience in Colombian administrative, labor and civil law.

After working in the public sector for approximately 6 years and 3 years in the sector private has developed the ability to analyze problems from different positions which facilitates an open mind in a more effective handling of legal processes and the Case and client representation. The project of the law firm J KELLEY, has filled with great motivation at all levels because it has allowed him to open his mind to new knowledge, develop leadership skills, human resources management, financial and be in contact with different realities, people and companies looking for support and advice to resolve their conflicts, expand to new markets and maintain increasingly clear and secure relations with the outside and internally. He likes to do part of a project that has as one of its purposes contribute to the growth of small and medium enterprises, which results in employment and the strengthening of Your country's economy based on respect for human rights.


grethell carolinazapata lambraÑo bilingual legal assistant

Business administrator of the Cooperative University of Colombia, year 2019. Grethell has extensive experience in customer service since she worked for 3 years in BPO and Contact centers in the city of Medellín, her work experience also includes business consulting. Currently, she works as a bilingual legal assistant for the international law firm, J KELLEY FIRMA DE ABOGADOS S.A.S and leads the commercial part of it. Given his work experience, Grethell is responsible for managing an adequate service to national and international clients and to promote the proper functioning of cases, thus developing their professional skills and competences.


SULY LORENA OCHOA HIGUITA executive assistant

Professional in financial administration, graduated from FESU University, Urabá in 2019.
Suly is proud of Urabá the land of the sun. He is a dreamy, helpful and respectful person. He likes to face challenges and have new experiences. In his spare time he enjoys taking a bike ride and sharing with his loved ones. His work experience has been mainly related to the recovery area portfolio and customer service. Being part of the J Kelley team has given him the opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge that will help him in his professional and personal development, and she is grateful and determined to provide the best inside and outside the organization.